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Hey Team

Just after a bit of advice towards a S13 SR20DET engine I'm building for drifting. Now the main focus on my car is the suspension. My goal engine wise was to build something more towards been reliable than go for a numbers game as iv got plenty of different diff ratios if I want to have more acceleration or top end. So far the details on the engine are

S13 SR20DET (non vct)

Gktech rocker arm stoppers

S13.5 rocker conversation

10an oil catch can

Stock ignition coils

480cc injectors from s15 sr20det

Tomei fpr

Gktech throttle body wheel

Gktech sump (like tomei ones)

3" stainless exhaust

Fenix radiator

Fenix in-between headlights 2.5" Hot side and 2.75 cold

So my next list is parts I'm going to use on rebuild

Nissan gasket set

Tomei head gasket (thickness not shore of)

Acl bearings

Arp rod/head and flywheel bolts

Nissan main bolts

New nissan pistons and rings

S14/5 oil pump and pick up

As for turbo I have a good gt2876r but it's hard to get any good info on these turbos some say they good some say they arnt but would like something external and top mount. Goal is 220-250kw so ecu options are nistune and apexi

Any additional advice on things that would provide the reliablitie would be appreciated. Obviously if I could I'd forge it but I'm not asking for massive power just something I can beat on hopefully day in and day out

Hello advise on the turbo is it will work fine but maybe a little laggy for your combo I would generally use a disco potato turbo google it. it's perfect for a std type combo your running very popular in Japan for years, on the ecu side I would highly recommend the Apexi over the Nistune and an even better idea would be to go to a link or equivalent, also recommend fitting arp main studs. nismo style oil pan or you will be asking for trouble with bearing failure

Regards Ross

Sounds like a sweet build very similar to mine. Would be keen to follow your progress to.

I went top mount with a GTX2867 GEN2 garrett for similar reasons you are. For a very responsive drive not laggy. Only issue I found was that I couldnt get a manifold to suit that turbo with an external wastegate. As Ross has pointed out the disco potato turbo (essentially the same as a gt2867) is a great choice for your power goals at a reasonable cost.

Hi there Ross and Brian

Thanks for taking the time to reply to my post. If I may ross could you elaborate more on the GT2876R is self the info is so hard to come across for it and seems like the ugly duckling in the GT28 series of Garret turbos? More so in the lag and in what form would this turbo be good in? As for the sump I'm running a GKTECH sump (pretty much the tomei style) and as for the arp main studs I'm guessing it will need to be line bored?

Yes the disco potatoe I's on my trade me watch list haha next to the gt2871r.

One more question for you Ross if you are able to answer, with the S13/S15 loom plug been the same. Is it possible to run a s15 power fcon a non vct sr20? Also I was looking at the link monsoon ecu to, would this be better investment over an apexi.

Thanks again guys for your time it's much appreciated

Karl Mitchell

Hi karl the Gt2876 i have on my sons drift car is perfect for a built engine drifting on e85 but on a pump gas engine with std internals you will find you will need the clutch a bit or rev it to 8k to keep it o boost around the likes of evergreen drifting still a great turbo tho

i am a link tech support guy and link tuner so it is a no brainer for me to advise you in that direction and the monsoon is a great ecu

you can learn how to wire it on here also which is a great skill to learn the s13 and s15 use different ecu plugs the s13 is longer than the s15 but again building a new one is the way to go

heaps of advice to be gained on here also, Brian has just tackled his first major rewired and learned a ton along the way with heaps of help and homework it is looking great

Regards Ross

Karl, as Ross has said do a stand alone harness and link for the best outright result. The wiring courses on here will tell you everything you need to know then some research and help for the likes of the tutors such as Ross to iron out things you aren't quiet sure about.

I went with the Link Monsoon G4x for mine as I have simple needs and covers everything I could want.

As for the turbo side check out this webinar. https://www.hpacademy.com/previous-webinars/198-selecting-the-right-turbo/

I followed that and went to the Garrett website following the guidance from the webinar for input values to check what sized turbo would suit my application. I went with the Gen2 since they were more efficient and with the power levels I wanted it fitted right in the middle of the efficiency table. Lucky for me and you the webinar gives some SR specific details to put into the online calculator.

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