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Starting & Stopping an Engine - Wiring specifics

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Chasing some advice - wiring an LS engine as standalone on bench.

To start - Power to ECM, fuses etc and then momentary switch to Starter motor to kick over.

To Stop - cut power to ECM ??

Is this the correct way to stop or is it another power source that is cut when key goes to off ?

Thanks all.

Is this the OEM ECM in use? If so, how does the factory shutdown the engine? Is there an engine run switch for example that could be wired in that disables the injectors/coils when the state is off?

Personally, I would wire the injectors and coils into a separate power circuit and use this ti stop the engine, it also allows for the power to the coils especially to be removed whilst reflashing the ECU.

Yes it is the stock ecm,

Yes that is my question - How does the factory shutdown an engine when you turn the key off?? Thanks

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