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strange main bearing measuring

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good evening guys,

i'm building a K20A2 for 6-700hp boosted.

since i want to blueprint everything myself so i understand everything what the machineshop is doing i did the engine building courses etc.

i have a stock crank. i use plastigauge and the dialbore gauge.

For the build i want to achieve 0,05MM journal play. i used plastigauge before, but my dial bore gauge saying way more play than the plastigauge.

everything is measured on 20degrees celcius.

Hx- 0,07MM play (dial bore) (.0028")

Hx- 0.05MM play (plastigauge) (.0020") the marks are perfect perfect on the (.002 marks) not even a tiny bigger for reaching out to the 0,07mm like the dial bore saying.

H- 0,06MM play (dial bore) (.0024")

H- 0,04MM play (platigauge) the mark (+-.0016") the same problem. the plastigauge marking is perfect around the .0015 marks. not even close for reading more than the dial bore results.

thankyou in advance for the help!

Plastigauge is just a mean of checking the clearance if you have no other ones to get it done but should not be used as a primarily indicator. Always go with professional equipment measurements if it's an option and never mind plastigauge measurements as it's not very accurate quite often... So you might want to disregard those numbers shown by plastigauge and go with dial bore gauge only just not to be confused...

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