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Subaru Main Bearing Clearances - Torque heads?

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Hi there,

I'm building an EJ25 here and I'm wondering how you guys measure your main bearing clearances. Two specific things I wanted to know:

When you torque the block together with the bearings in, do you use RTV silicone + the o-rings on the case halves?

People also say that the heads bolts pull the mains out a bit. In this case, should I be measuring with both heads torqued on as well (+ head gaskets)?

This is a stock build, with stock head studs + bearings.



good day

are you asking about the practical method of doing it or the equipment used to measure it?

Adam did a great webinar on it but i cant remember which webinar it was and they specifically covered those topics

Edit: Webinar 170 and 123 covers bearing clearances.

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