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Subaru wrx main and rod bearings clearance

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What clearance you guys set main and rod bearing on 2012 wrx. It is oem stock turbo car. With standard size bearings I have 2.0 thousands of and inch on mains and 1.8 on rods. Is it acceptable or mains are too loose? Thanks

Thanks everyone for help lol. I ended up going 1.5-1.7 mains and 1.8 rods. Customer made already 2k miles on this motor

Hi. Sorry, did not see your question posted in March. For stock turbo main bearings 1.5 clearance is absolutely fine but the rod bearing clearance is a bit too loose. Usual rule of thumb for performance engine is 0.001 inch clearance for every inch of journal diameter, so since rod journals are usually smaller diameter than mains, the bearing clearance should also be a bit smaller - not the other way around it. In you case i would advise using a thicker oil to compensate for larger clearance. Something like 5w40...

Thanks a lot for response. Yes customer is using 10w40 oil as I knew the clearances are little larger. Everything works great so far. Thanks a lot!

I'm glad it's working well!

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