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Tabless Bearings with Tabbed Connecting Rods?

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I'm building a Gen3 Ea888 2.0L Audi Engine with Aftermarket Pistons and Rods.

The new rods have tabs for bearings and the new and original bearings are don't have tabs.

Can I still use these rods/bearings anyway or do I need to find a new set?

Most people have the idea the tabs are what stop the bearings from spinning - this isn't true as almost all the retaining in place is done by the crush - the bore is slightly smaller than the bearing OD, and this clamps it in place.

What the tabs ARE very useful is for ensuring they're correctly placed in the middle of the rod, and cap, and not a little to one side or the other, which could result in bearing failure and a destroyed engine.

Make sure the shells are placed in the middle of the rod and cap and you should be fine.

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