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Thoughts about water-methanol injection

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Good morning everybody. I like ti implementing a water methanol sistem in my hillclimb formula 3 car and im going to tell what i try today.

One thing im convenced is that in my case, individual port option will be te way to go. The logic tell me that if you are going to use individual port option, you have to inject WM only on intake cycle. The sense of this is because this is the cycle where the valve is open. In the other 3 cycles, compression, power and expansion the inlet valve is clossed so you only are going to get water acumulation over the valve. If you use single or doble nozzles injecting on a plenun or in the duct before throttle, tis does not matter because you are going to have alwais one piston in a intake cycle and this pistos is going to vacum all the WT. Thinking this, i dont know how people build individual port injection.

My logic tell me again that to obtain this you have to use nozzles commanded by solenoid. One by cylinder. Because of that today i try with my old Volkswagen to see how it works. I take a nozzle and i put dyrectly on a solenoid. After i take a gasoline injector plug and i identify the signal cable and i connected directly to one wiring of the solenoid. This usually is the negative pulse. The other wiring of the solenoid goes directly to the positive. In the future this positive will go to a logick pin on the ECU. For the other side i connected the pump to a positive and negative passing betwen on-off interruptor. This connection will go to a PWM singanl on the ECU. I make this because the exact momment when the gasoline injector is injecting is the time when the valve is open and i think is the moment you have to inject the WM too. The intention is to make the solenoid works as the same time as the injector. I also put a led light connected in the wirings of the solenoid to see the cycle of the injector. I start the car and all seems well. The led light flasyng to the rhytm of the injector duty and the solenoid snapping too. I took the pump on and not a single drop of water comes to the nozzle. I think i know where is the error. This solenoid is as far slower frequency than the real injector. It receives the signal to open and close very quickly and it colapse. Someone knows any hight duty cycle solenoid i can use? What is tour opinion about this?


hello, this is tricky, as a solenoid is generally too slow to do the timed injection and water meth will corrode the solenoid quickly unless it is a specific water/meth type solenoid, do you have more details as to the parts you are using, i have used methanol injectors, used with an auxiliary ECU output, pwm at around 50hz base and trimmed with a pwm table approx 5ms-10ms with success but it does take trial and error to get it correct and a lot of maintenance of the injectors to keep them from sticking between outings, just like controlling aux injectors in a supercharged engine. this wasn't timed to the correct valve opening, but it did work very well,

Thanks so much Ross for answer my post.

When you told that you used a methanol injector, what did you mean? That you are using a methanol nozzle and command a solemnoid trought ECU PWM signal or you are using some specific EFI injertor from methanol?

I am using a snowperformance 60ml nozzle direct treaded to snowperformance solemnoid (i think is the same solemnoid on most kits) but is not capable to copy the gasoline injectors frecuency.

I attached a video to see how good works itself cuting the flow instantly. Now im going to prove copying injectors frecuency with this other valve. The typical valve wich is used to control external wastegate.

This unit in specific is prepared with viton internal seals. I talked with an industrial automation engineering and they told this solemnoid will be capable to make this. My engine is going to get 14.000rpm. Every 2rpm the injector injects. This are 7000 injections at minute /60sec.= 116 injections on a seccond so that means i need 116HZ. This Mac valve will make this but the problem is that it have more or less 3milisec Oppen delay and surelly there are going to overlap the solemnoid pulse and the injector pulse.

Im going to subjet the solemnoid to continuous effort to check how long it lasts before breaking. Ouer car is not for streat or circuit use. Is for hillclimb races an this races are 4 o 5 minutes races. Its probably that the benefit may jusyify the maintenance. Lets see what happen and i will keep you posted on the prougres.

Let me know your opinions.


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