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To wrap or not to wrap thats the question

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Hello everyone

What dou you think about wrapping exhaust manifold with heat wrap?

I was wrapping since i got my BNR32, but it always end up a hole on my exhaust mainfold.

So is it a just coincedence or it is a result of wrapping?

How good wrapping realy is, is there anything it realy gives besides a litle bit safety and a little bit of lower temp under hood?

I'm more inclined to have the manifold coated with a ceramic heat protective coating if it's a small and tight manifold simply because the heat wrap can be tricky to apply easily. I've also found that the life span of heat wrap can be marginal.

The heat wrap however will hold more heat in the manifold and if your manifold design or welding is not up to scratch it can accelerate cracking. The manifold will naturally expand as it heats up and it needs to be able to move a little to prevent cracking. Particularly with turbo manifolds it's important to support the weight of the turbo with a brace or support to prevent cracking.

I wish i could have it coated, but no thermal insulation coatings avaliable localy. Only cheap "crap" which makes it looks like it is painted but no heat barier.

Yeah wrapping is time consuming. But i will spend the time on it again i guess.

worse part of wrapping for me is working on the car afterwards. everytime you go near the manifold it lets fibreglass dust go every where and itches.

it sounds petty but it is really annoying. is shipping the parts to some where like usa or UK an option? we have cermic coaters in australia and i know of people who still fly parts to UK as they think its a better result.

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