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I was wondering what peoples opinions on torque adapters are thay can be brought relativly cheap in comparison to the equivalent torque wrench

I'm just starting with engine building and just finishing off the practical engine building course so I'm not going to be building and crazy 2000 hp engines most likely some basic rebuilds of standard applications at the start currently I dont have a huge bank account

The torque Adapters say they are accurate to 2% my question is is this a viable option instead of spending few hundred quid on torque wernches or atleast for now while building lower hp applications

Thanks Adam

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I've never tested one of these adaptors so I can't really comment on their accuracy. I'd really like to see some independent results of these adaptors rather than taking the manufacturer's claims as gospel.

My thoughts are the same I have searched for reviews but cant find any from anyone using any calibrated equipment only 30 year old torque wrenches that have never been calibrated I also cant see any from a know manufacturer other than Clark and in my opinion there quite budget tools.

I was thinking someone would have had some experience on hear but I think my best option would be to save some money and get a decent torque wrench.

Thanks Adam