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Upgrading from Distributor to Coil pack Wiring

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Hey Team,

I have a SR20DE Silvia S15 which is uses a distributor and I want to change to Coil pack. They car is get a SR20DET put in so will have the SR20DET cam angle sensor and will be using a wire in aftermarket Ecu. I am using the non turbo engine loom, the distributor plug can be repinned for the cam angle so I just need to make a harness for the Coil pack. I know i need power, ground and signal from ecu.

Question is, for the power, should I install a relay and fuse or can I just use a exsisting ignition circuit? If i need to get a fuse etc, whats the easiest way to do this?

If the circuit capacity, implied by the stock fuse amp rating, is sufficient for the new coil, that circuit can likely be reused. You can ask the coil manufacturer for expected amp draw if it's not noted on a spec sheet with the coil.

It will most likely work...but it's always good to check.

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