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VG35DET and rev capability build

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We are thinking about building a VG35DET for a new drift car we are building and we need some advices about it since it is a new engine for us, we have beeen working mostly with bmw engines over the years couple v8 straight 6 and lexus straight and v8 too.

The VG35DET its an all new world for us and theres loads of info about it, but we hope to get here some help directed for what we need and for what we planed for.

The info we are seeking its mostly about what needs to be done to get about 7800 or even 8200 rpm with a turbo build we are seeking around 600hp "reliable" ;)

Hop to hear from you.

Br Pedro Faia

Grupo Vieira


Hi Pedro, what is your base VG35DET out of? It's not an engine I've ever seen personally so I'm not sure how much help I can offer. I can't actually find any reference to a 3.5 in the VG engine family.


thanks for your answer

its not a vg35det in mater of speaking its actually a vg35de that we want to go T (turbo) ;)

sorry for the miss understanding i know you have loads of Experience in this type of engine so thats also why ive hasked

br pedro Faia

grupo Vieira

Can I assume you're referring to the VQ35DE that came out in the Nissan 350Z? If so then the limiting factor on rpm include the cams and the strength of the rotating assembly. In order to achieve the revs you're wanting you'll need a set of cams that can actually work at that rpm range and you're likely to need to couple this with some head porting too. Beyond this you'll want a set of decent rods that can handle the increase in rpm (I'll assume you're going to change the pistons and rods anyway for the turbo application.