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vq35de getting p0335 code. crank pos not receiving signal

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Hello, i just rebuilt my own 2004 350z vq35de engine. This was my first rebuild ever so go easy :P.. Here's my issue, I get in the car and turn the key. It cranks but does not start right away like normally. It takes about 5-6 seconds of cranking until it finally starts up. When it finally starts, cel, slip, and vdc lights are on and it is throwing a P0335 code for crank pos A-circuit malfunction. I have replaced the sensor 4 times using a mix of non OEM and brand new OEM sensors. I have checked the wiring for voltage, ground, and continuity. I get 12V on positive, good ground, and has continuity from sensor plug in all the way to the ecu. I don't know what else it could be. Any help would be very much appreciated

Has this just happened to coincide with the engine being built? Is it possible that the cam timing may be out? I'd be inclined to scope the crank sensor input at the ECU header to see what the ECU is actually receiving.

Yes it is, the engine started fine before the teardown. I triple checked my work after installing the timing chain with what the nissan manual specified so unless it skipped a tooth during first initial crank idk if timing is the issue, but i wont rule it out completely. My friend put a scanner on it and showed the graph for the crank sensor reading. It wasnt seeing rpm at all. Ill see what i find with a scope.