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VW female ignition crimp connector

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I'm trying to identify the female crimp connector for VW part 4D0 971 944 which is an ignition coil plug. My google searches have not come up with a result.



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Any markings on the connector body to indicate the supplier? Beru? Bosch?

Perhaps it's the pins shown as parts of this connector kit:


I believe its a Bosch however in my search the actual connector isn't a standard 4 connector size so I think the connector is unique to VW although visually very similar.

My problem is that that I have an non-vw loom part which I'm trying to pin to my VW connector. The VW female is 4mm wide whereas the new loom part is 4.36mm so it doesn't seem to fit. The VW is a sliding fit.

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Well, that body looks like this one, which uses the JPT (Junior Power Timer) terminal. I would consider trying one of those (very common) with your body...


There are 3 different Bosch connectors that fit VW ignition coils.

I believe you have a variant of a VW/Bosch connector 8k0973724, which uses the same MCP series terminals as Bosch Kompakt, part number 1-968849-1


What vehicle are the coils off of? I have not personally tested the very latest VW coils for fitment, say 2018 and newer

I fixed a typo for the part number. It should be 4D0 971 944 ( not 40D)

The coil is from a 2019 vw golf r 7.5 my20.

This Kostal that David references above is also very similar connector but a different plug body. https://www.bmotorsports.com/shop/product_info.php/products_id/1600



51277161 ignition coil repair cable.

Terminal 51277203. AMP Tyco

It appears to be the duck bill type rather than the rectangular type I have. Might have to give it a go.

They do reference the vw 8k0973724

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