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Water pump for standalone turbo cooling system

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Building separate cooling system for the turbo.

Looking for an electric water pump that can handle the Tmp and the flow rate is low enough or can be controlled via PWM or any other way.

Most auxiliary pumps that I saw have flow rate of 500-900 l/h and 22mm in/out diameter tube, both are much higher than what I need.

any advice?

Something like this - https://sobek-motorsporttechnik.de/lightweight-cooling-pump-for-electric-powertrains/ Different application, but compact and should be up to the job. A bit smaller - https://sobek-motorsporttechnik.de/centrifugal-ifc-pump1800-1/

Or these - https://daviescraig.com.au/category/electric-water-pump-12volt?page=1 There are some as low as 80l/min and some of these are even lower - https://daviescraig.com.au/product/ebp25-electric-booster-pump-brushless-12v-kit-9025/ebp25-electric-booster-pump-brushless-12v-kit-9025 Check out their accessories too, they may give you some ideas.

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