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What brand of micrometer/bore gauge and price point.

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I have looked in other threads and not many people have mentioned what a good brand of micrometer set or bore gauge is. As well as the price point if the brand is not as crucial to quality and accuracy. Thanks!

Mitutoyo and Starrett are the typical brands used and are a good mid range brand. There are cheaper devices on the market, but they can suffer from precision and accuracy issues in use. For these sorts of measurements you will want to spend a little more for the better tools, you can also have a cheaper set for not as critical measurements.

Is fowler and accusize any good?

I haven't used either of those brands, so I cannot say either way. I used the Mitutoyo and Starrett brands when I worked in the Physical Metrology lab of the National Measurement Institute (the Australian equivelent of the NIST) and they tested well against the high end CMM's and other test devices/guages that we had available.

Interesting, when were you there? I was in the pressure team between 2015 and early 2019, I was in Port Melbourne for about the last 12 months.

I bought a set of 25-150mm MX branded micrometers and bore gauges from Hare & Forbes/Machinery House when they had a sale, Ashley checked the the rods and micrometers for me. They appeared to be identical in design to the mitotoyo stuff, not sure if a discount version done by them or a copy but they seem pretty good.

Around 2009, just after the move to Port Melbourne. Did you work with Kevin Mapson?

The MX branded units are not that bad, and reasonable in pricing.

Yes, Neville went part time and Kevin became pressure lead before I left. He is a very clever guy.

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