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where do i go to buy parts for/to build an rb25?

i want to build an rb25 with a single turbo and im not sure what to search to find the parts or even what sites to go to

its gonna be a while before i can afford anything like that but im curious so i thought id ask

A big part of this is, what do you already have, what you're putting it into, what's your budget, what sort of power/boost/rpm, etc are you considering?

Depending on what your plans are, you may find a different engine to be a better choice, especially when everything else is taken into consideration - especially transmission and packaging.

gord that isnt helpful at all, i know what engine i want that doesnt matter, WHERE DO I GO FOR PARTS, thats the question dude, i dont yet know how to find things which is why im here

RB motors i'd look at Golby's https://www.golebysparts.com.au/

There is a guy from Australia been around building RBs for a while - you might want to liaise with him with that question...


Platinum Racing Products (PRP) has a pretty RB centered parts catalogue. They pretty much only sell quality stuff too

I could have worded that better, I suppose?

My underlying point is that if you aren't already aware of the basic options for the engine parts'suppliers, or use a simple internet search, you may be better off taking a step back and figuring out exactly what you want, where you want to end up, and how you want to get there.

There are multiple "parts" purchasing options, depending on what you want and need, from "Gumtree", or other on-line market options, for used parts - but you do need to be careful as the 'quality' can vary; through Supercheap/Repco for consumables and things like OEM quality gaskets, etc; to your local NISSAN dealer - they have re-released many genuine parts; through the RB specialists such as those suggested above - and many more domestic, JDM, US, NZ, etc. aftermarket specialists; plus, of course, all the manufactures that direct sell their products.

My main point, though, is you said you "want to build an rb25 with a single turbo", but it isn't clear if you have one you want to rebuild, to build one up to replace a RB, "L" series, or fit the engine in some other vehicle that is a "bolt in". On that last, if it isn't a relatively simple installation, there may be better options if you're starting from scratch, whether a 4, a 6 or a V8, which is part of the 'figuring out'.

Even if all the installation points are in hand, and you are determined to use a "RB" engine (fair call), you specified a "RB25" - as you may need to buy new parts, depending on what you actually want from the engine,you may find you can build a larger capacity engine, with all the advantages that brings, for the same money, or just a little more.

Again, depending on what you want from the engine, and already have, you should also be giving some serious thought to the rest of the vehicle - the fuelling demands, the cooling, transmission component that will handle the engine's torque output, etc. What you have may be perfectly adequate, but there are a lot of people who have spent all their money on the engine, and when other components fail, they don't have the budget to upgrade as required.

I do wish you good furtune with the build, but you may need a much bigger budget than you realise - the engines are relatively rare in good, unmolested condition, and the new/aftermarket parts can be expensive, especially when added up for a 'scratch build'.

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