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Hello Guys

Newbie here but been playing around! I do harnesses for UZ and JZ engines but at this stage I am looking at taking on a project and need to know some info!

It's management related and as you guessed it related to the 2GR-FSE. I know that Ray Hall Turbocharging did use a 2GR-FSE with 1GR rods but he ditched the Direct Injection and this is where I would like to go.

So to cut it down I have been searching for ages but can't find much info. What ECU's would be capable of running DBW/Quad VVT-i/6 Direct Injectors and 6 Port injectors. I can find info on running either GDI or Port but not both? Am I being insane or just looking in the wrong places.

I know Link can do up to 4 cylinder GDI so that won't help.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks

Chris Taylor

Phoenix Engine Management

I think Life Racing would have something to suit your needs, but would most likely need to be a custom ordered F88 with upgrade options to control the direct injectors and pump.

Motec is one of the few single box solutions that will run this engine at the moment with their M142 product. With Life Racing, you will need their F88 ECU as well as 2 x DI driver boxes so the price and complexity increases. Life Racing's GDI10 product is still a little way off which is LR's single box solution for what you are trying to do.