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2x EMAP on Twin scroll EFR

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Just trying to find info on the use of twin e-map setup for a twin scroll efr. I believe Andre was doing something on the RX7.


Hi Mathew,

Which ECU are you wanting to use it with? Do you want the data for information only, or as part of the control strategies?

Emtron KV8. Information to see if I want to implement it on my efr twinscroll. I’m looking to finite my tune as it’s an engineered road car.


We have twin EMAP on our FD RX7 however it was done primarily as an experiment. The EMAP signals from each rotor are essentially identical making twin sensors unnecessary. 99% of people adding EMAP to a twin scroll turbine housing will only tap a single scroll which is what I'd recommend. It can also be difficult to implement dual sensors in most ECUs if you did want to use the input for an 'Engine Pressure Ratio' load axis - We can't do that on the adaptronic we ran in the FD for example. I've had limited experience with the Emtron so can't speak to that platform sorry.

Cheers for that.

Hi guys,

I think I'll tag along with this post instead of creating a new one for my question.

On my 4-cylinder application, I have a twin-scroll turbo on a divided exhaust manifold (two wastegastes). On this type of setup, where could you tap in to get your exhaust back pressure?

1. Put my fitting and run my line to only one side of the divided collector of the exhaust manifold?

2. Tap both sides and tee the line together before they go in the sensor? (This would be a PITA)?

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