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Hi guys,

I have a few clients with 370Z or G37

I have a client with a stock car asking for a tune. Is it worth it? any gains?

I will be tuning them with ecutek



Do a little bit of research on the system design (VVEL system) which is their form of variable valve timing . From what I've seen a tune can be very effective When that is modified. it can be similar to adding a race style cam as I believe duration is changed with that system. But I myself haven't tuned any I only work with a performance shop owner that has done one

I've tuned a fair few 350Z and a couple 370Z on UpRev, you can get some fair gains on them, the electronic throttle cam be made more agrees I've which improves the drive of the cars, gains can be minimal and on N/A applications your looking at 10-20bhp at the hubs