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Does anybody have a good A/T Map for a 2JZ-GTE automatic Supra Mk4., he is willing to share?

The Map AEM delivers shifts very hard and randomly. It's really bad to drive compared to OEM.

I supose there is alot ign retard needed to make shifts smoother. Problem is, shift ign retard is there in the log, but the ignition angle stays the same. Not sure if there is a bug. Does anyone have expierience with AEM A/T Mapping?


Hi Adrian,

I've tuned an automatic 2JZGTE VVTi on a AEM v2 a couple years back, but the customer bought and installed the AEM kit himself - and for the worst part, as a parallel system. The AEM was in full control of the combustion process, everything else was handeled by the OEM ECU.

To my knowledge, the factory automatic transmission was only shifting based on AFM, TPS and RPM signal. There was no way for the OEM ECU to retard timing during shifts. It may wanted to, but it was no longer in control of that part.

Anyways, the shifts were OK and didn't occur randomly. Have you tried getting rid of the retard, or advancing it back to some degree?

Just for info, ultimatevly we replaced the automatic transmission with a manual one, as it just didn't suite the customers goals with the car.