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Hi greetings people I'm here to ask has anyone had any experiences with the Aem Fic ? Or any advise on them ? Thanks in advance

What is it your planning on using it for? I've used the FIC6 in the past

i have a 3sge beams dual vvti naturally aspirated nothing to scream about just was asking because a friend of mines was advising me to use one there pretty decent piggy back systems for extra gain if i want to squeeze a little more power from my engine,,,, chris250 how was your experiences with it?

It was really limited for what I needed it for to be honest. It did control the fuelling fine till I hit fuel cut on the vehicle, that's not some thing you'll need to worry too much about being N/A.

What's the car going to be used for?

more like straight line drags

You will improve not more than nothing on stock engine by adjusting the fuel

If your planning on drag racing I'd be more inclined to save for a standalone, it'll give you motorsport features which will be advantageous for drags, it'll also give you control over the VVTi.

thanks for the info guys chris ill do some research and look into couple reasonable standalones that could control the vvti