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AFR / EGT / IGN timing

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Within a recent conversation about steady state tuning, a local tuner holds the opinion that monitoring EGT is necessary to optimize TQ and acts as a safe guard against engine/turbo damage. My research says that a light to medium throttle at 14.7 AFR is likely to keep the EGT at an acceptable level so having an EGT meter would seem redundant for this purpose. In addition, it is my understanding that an EGT meter offers a general guideline but unless you have an EGT meter for each cylinder, it can be nothing more that, 'general'.

When pursuing MBT, following one of your early webinars, you increase the timing in a cell until the TQ gains become negligible or knock is detected. So, my questions is - at what point in the tuning process is an EGT meter needed and is it really preferred when doing steady state tuning?

I'm definitely not an expert, but I see the EGT meter more as a safety tool than a tuning equipment.

Pretty much like a knock sensor, but a lot more specific to certain application.

Your question should be a nice addition to the upcoming webinar.


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