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Any APP input stalls the engine unless snapping

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Hello all, just finished building my ej25 usdm, build list attached. I have fitted an ECUmaster black to the factory harness, utilizing the relays and fuse box.

Im having an issue getting the car to idle, at operating temps, of course idle on coldstart is poor as it hasnt had any tuning and im trying to just get the car idling and driving. Currently at operating temp(90c) attached is a log and emub file. I have ran the DBW setup with multiple different frequencys idle percentages, anytime i adjust the VE table the wideband hunts and never acheives the target. it will either stall or get super rich/super lean

Next issue is that if i even touch the throttle gently the car will stall. If I snap the throttle is will rev hang on the set idle rev limit of 1700 rpm and wont idle down unless i restart the car. Sometimes if I resnap the throttle it will come down. Im mostly inquiring to see if something in the base file I setup is totally wrong as the car has no vaccum leaks. The throttle wiring is exactly as follows in the emu wiring guide for a subaru throttle. Im wondering if the timing table is the cause? 15deg is the default setting. If anyone has any ideas what it could be im all ears, and i should add this is my first rodeo so there very well could be bigtime rooky mistakes so please call me out on them. Much appreciated in advance.

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Not familiar with the ECU Master setup, but is there a Throttle Idle Blend table or similar? What it sounds like is happening is that when you gently apply the throttle pedal, you are requesting a lower Throttle Servo Aim than the Idle control system is using, so it pulls the Throttle closed and stalls the engine, this doesn't happen when you snap the throttle pedal as it is over the idle aim throttle position before the engine has time to respond. The blend table should prevent the throttle servo from moving until the pedal throttle aim has exceeded the idle throttle aim so that the engine smoothly transitions between the two states.

The throttle hang on close is more likely to be related to the idle throttle feed forward and PID settings.

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