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Anyone have any experience with Dwell times for Toyota COPs?

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Hey guys,

Something I've not given a single iota of consideration, is dwell times.

I'm running Toyota COPs, and a Link G4+.

In the Altezza basemap it has the dwell statically set to 1ms.

However some people have said that there is some intelligence in the coilpack itself, and it will set the minimum dwell time it requires.

On the contrary, elsewhere on the net someone has reccomended these dwell times:

8V 6.3 ms

9V 5.3 ms

10V 4.4 ms

11V 3.8 ms

12V 3.2 ms

13V 2.7 ms

14V 2.4 ms

15V 2.2 ms

For the better part my engine runs well enough with "1ms" dwell, however this has made me curious.

Hello Davidv if you look @ the Link altezza base map the dwell are slightly different than what you have there.and there is now wear in the dwell map 1.ms lowest ms is 2.ms @ 14 and 15 V.i have only seen 1.0ms in the ignition main setup under spark duration.

Ahhh correct you are!

I was looking at the wrong thing.


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