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Anyone use Tunerpro or Tunerpro RT software

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disclaimer, I'm not in anyway associated with this software or the person who created it, just looking for opinions!

looks pretty feature rich, and the price is right! free for the Tunerpro and $39 for Tunerpro RT

curious on anyones experience with the software, seems like lots of videos on youtube about it

thanks in advance for your comments

I have it and have the hardware to tune my Holden V8 with it but as yet haven't had the time to finish the wiring loom and get the car running. If you are interested in opinions take a look at (they have a section on there for US GM vehicles using Delco ECUs)

I use it to tune Volvo Motronic 4.4 ECUs which run in Volvo 850s and C/S/V70s without e-throttle. It's quite good to use but has its limitations, too. It supports Ostrich EEprom emulators which I use.

Will go standalone soon, though.