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Hi all,

Looking for some info on the Autel line of tools. I want one that can log live engine data to file on a wide range of vehicles such that i can then load the log file back on megalog viewer.

The Autel website is a bit clumsy and makes it a bit difficult to narrow in on a specific model that can do this.

Anyone with experience willing to chime in please?


When I had my garage I had a Autel diagnostics equipment and didn't rate it at all. Went straight back to snap on Solace that I then later upgraded to the versus edge. I highly recommend them if you can get either. You can also get manufacture specific equipment like VCDS for the VAGs or T5 suite for GM and id use them specifically as they are better again.

I'm using an Autel Maxisys MS906 and find that it can datalog most of cars very well even though this model is quite old. it meet > 90% my expectation

What it doesn't meet:

- For some new cars (such as Jeep Rubicon 2020+) it doesn't fully support so I've to buy an extra cable to by pass the module of the car

- Sometimes when logging live data, the saved file is empty (even when streaming I can see the data)

More info: in my experience if you need to datalog Ford, Mazda, Lincoln and Mercury then Forscan+ELM/J2534 is much better

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