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Hi guys, I am looking to become a professional tuner. before i take a huge plunge i have bought HPA's videos. I am look for the best way into the industry. I already have Tactrix Open port 2.0 as well as Epifan's Ecu Edit ( For Subaru impreza and Mitsubishi evo) But Andre has mentioned getting a cheap NA and learning on that first. Where is a good place to start is getting something like KESS v2 and doing file uploads from a brand a good start, then start looking at their maps or is Open source a good way forward. Their are so many real tools and clones out their that it all gets a little confusing. What is the best advice for someone in the UK to start moving forward

Many Thanks

If you become an agent for a tuning company then you'll 'buy in' and get a slave tool, this will allow you to read and write to certain ECU's but the files are encrypted so you won't be able to view any information, unless you were to also buy a master tool or see if the file provider would be willing to let you use a master tool to instal their files.

Depending on your business model you might be able to provide a file upload service alongside real tuning and/or other services, allowing you to tune cars that you know but also having the ability to tune cars that you don't.

When starting any business you need to make a plan, either official business plan or even in your head, what do you want to do? What are your strengths and weaknesses? Is there a demand for what you're wanting to offer? Will it pay enough to pay the bills?

The best way into the industry is to be in it, either get a job in a shop or take the plunge and start your own, there's no point in having all the tools and no customer base.

The fact that you've already got the Tactrix cable I'd pick yourself up a cheap new age impreza turbo or evo and learn the software, Andre suggests getting yourself an N/A car to start but if you ignore the boost control part of the maps initially and just tune the fuel and ignition then you'll be covering the same ground (open source for impreza's and evo's don't have definitions for non-turbo models normally).

For actual tuning tools Andre has written a good article covering the basics:


Thanks For your reply chris so what is the best tool to start with




or is their another tool at a better start up price?

I am looking at doing what you have suggested, but im trying to figure out the most cost effective way of initially making an income and monitoring the spending.

I will be starting on my own company as their is no real tuning business in my local area, nor is their a AWD Dyno, My plan is to build a client base over 3 years renting dyno time as and when needed and if the business model is looking like it going to work then i will look at taking the plunge and getting a dyno.

Are their cheap interface tools out there then the ones listed above?

kind regards


If you're wanting to start up as cheap as possible you can forget buying master tools, speak with tuning companies who have remote tuning agents and see what their prices are like to become an agent. Start up costs will at least half this way.

Have you got a premises already? Is it the 4WD rally bred cars you're planning on specialising in?

Yes rally cars is where I would like to specialise along with performance Nissan, no premises as of yet, I have been looking at quantum tuning they are offering Kess v2 slave at £1700 then £50 a file. They will deal with other brands and supply files, I have a limited budget and really looking at the best way to push forward, spend a little less of kess variant and be able to afford lm2 and knock detection or just go kess and save up for the other tools needed

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