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HI everyone i just want to know if any can point me good direction i plan to boost my can with 45PSI of boost

i plan to use co2 boost controller so anyone can explain to me how this work or do i need to go with co2 boost control to get this amout of boost or not

thank you all

You should be able to achieve that with a 4 port solenoid and conventional intake pressure supply arrangement however if it is only for drag use and CO2 running out isn't a problem you may find that getting the closed loop control right is slightly easier with CO2 based on what I have read of other people's experiences, this will obviously depend a bit on your ecu and physical setup (some are running closed loop pressure control on the top side of the wastegate diaphragm which requires an additional pressure sensor but means the system should have a shorter time constant/more consistent response to DC changes than using turbo output pressure as the solenoid supply). There are people doing both happily, I imagine CO2 will be significantly more expensive to set up properly however.

You don't specifically 'need' CO2 to achieve any specific boost level. The more important aspect is the spread you want to achieve between minimum and maximum boost. For example if you want to run 45 psi then you could do this with a stiff wastegate spring (a 30 psi spring plus a 3 or 4 port solenoid will probably get you comfortably to 45 psi). The problem however is that you'll struggle to reduce the boost which can hamper traction in the lower gears. If you can get away with not running CO2 then I would as it adds significantly to the complexity and expense.

If the turbo is sized correctly for the powerband of a drag motor and the wastegate has a conventional diaphragm area to valve area you should be able to reach 45PSI+ with even the softest spring available using a 4 port solenoid. Green bros swapped to a 4 port for their little drag rig a couple of years ago now and were making 45+ on a turbo nearing it's flow limit (ie poorer EMP:IMP) and were only about 30% DC with a 10 or 12 psi spring. It is relatively simple peumatically to work out if you have a rough idea what exhaust and intake manifold pressure will do and the valve/diaphragm sizes. It just requires finer setting of closed loop settings as the response to DC changes is generally far greater than a 3 port even with a relatively heavy spring.

thank you for the info