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Bosch 0280158333 injectors calibration data

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Hi,I need flow rate in cc/min, Dead time and Short pulse width adder of Bosch 0280158333 injectors to calibrate it with Elite 1500.Can anyone help?

this is what i found for injector dead times for 3 bar fuel pressure 6v 2260 7v 1920 8v 1620 9v 1460 10v 1300 11v 1200 12v 1100 13v 1020 14v960 15v 880 this is from motec software there is no short pulse adder info in there sorry

Regards Ross

Hi Ross, Thanks for the info

Attached what I found from internet that is different from what you send, How I can make sure the data is correct?

Where I can find short pulse width adder data?

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