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Built vq35 base tune using uprev

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Good day guys,

I need some help with my base tune. Not so much as helping me write it but to go over it with me to ensure it's safe starting point and I can start the car. I don't know how to scale the maf sensor as I changed to the uprev maf but i just found a post explaining it so I hope that helps. I know I have a few settings that i didnt touch yet but again I'm learning.

Engine info.

11:1 cr, turbo tough rods, bc 264 cams for both intake and exhaust, upgraded valve train at std size, all apr hardware with L19 head studs. Greddy twin turbo and all supporting mods.

If someone could look at my base map and give me a few pointer so I can get my engine running that would be great. Sorry no logs as it's a new build.

Thanks in advance