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Canterbury University FSAE UCM15. First start on G4+ Fury.

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This is a testament to Andre's courses. I've got quite a bit of experience with performance cars, wiring and ecu's, but had never set one up from scratch before. After going through the Dyno Tuning Fundamentals course, I gave setting up our new Link G4+ Fury ECU from scratch a go, using the modeled fueling equations.

This is the second push of the starter button on the test mule:

Didn't get the first try on video, as I wasn't really expecting it to fire up! A couple of caveats though, the engine had been run for about 15 sec on the old ECU before plugging in the Fury, so it wasn't stone dead cold, and the base timing had been measured and set correctly already. We obviously have a whole lot of work ahead of us, particularly with an engine that is so 'pulsey'... But I can't wait to get started tuning it next week!

We still haven't resolved the hard starting problems once the intercooler is added to the system, but we'll re-visit that once we're on the dyno.

Good work! Glad to hear that the course was useful to you. Keep us up to date once you hit the dyno.