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Closed deck headset recommendation for audio knock detection

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I was hoping that I could get some recommendations for a closed deck over the ear headset for audio knock detection purposes.

I am looking at getting the Plex Knock Monitor v2 for the actual detection, and I am aware that both Andre and Plex suggest in-ear buds with protective ear muffs over them. I am unable to find a set that remains in place or is comfortable to wear for any length of time, and I imagine that some of you have the same issue.

If you share a similar issue with ear buds what headset do you use or would you recommend?


i use these:

i wear them upside down , so the wire over my ears and down , works great :)

3m provide gel pads on their earmuffs, i havent tried them but im considering of getting 3m earmuff with headset.