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Connect a racegrade tc8 to link g4 thunder via can

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As the the title states above im trying to pair my racegrade egt box with my link g4 thunder im new to the can bus thing and am having trouble getting it to hook up and stream any help would be greatly appreciated

- Do you have power to the TC-8?

- Are the CAN Hi and CAN Lo (sometimes called CAN+ and CAN-) connected?

- Do you have at least one terminating resistor (100 - 120 ohm 1/4 watt is ok) at the end of your CAN bus. The spec says two are required, one at each end of the bus, often if only two devices are connected a single resistor is sufficient (and required!).

- Have you configured the Link G4 Thunder for 1Mbit/sec CAN operation? (or configured the TC-8 to operate at another CAN rate -- not likely).

- Is your problem how to configure the CAN addresses in the Link G4?

Beyond the physical connection which David has covered above, you'll need to configure a template to receive the data from the TC8 which you can do under the 'ECU Controls -> CAN Setup' drop down menu.

I haven't used a TC8 however it looks like they emulate the E888 CAN stream and the Link G4+ is able to receive an E888 as a default option. To receive this data you'll need to set your CAN configuration to User Defined for the relevant CAN bus and set the Bit Rate to 1 Mbit/s. Now under data you can select Channel 1 and set it to 'Receive MoTeC E888'. The default address is 0x0F0 which is 240 in decimal. You'll need to enter this as the address ID.

Thanks for responses lads just flying a little blind as ive never played with can bus stuff ..thanks andre i will give that a shot tonight

I have done all the above which is what i did b4 but still no display

If you put an oscilloscope on the CAN Hi & CAN Lo, do you see the signals indicating traffic? If not, check your wiring at the TC8 connector.

If there is traffic, but you are still not receiving it, try swapping CAN Hi & CAN Lo (it's easy to get these backwards sometimes). If that doesn't fix it, put it back as you originally wired it!

Do you have any other CAN receiving device that could be configured with some diagnostics? (like a MoTeC dash? or the MoTeC UTC use their CAN Inspector software).

You can also use the Link Runtimes screen to see some basic CAN troubleshooting info. Press F12 or "R" key to open up the runtimes screen, scroll across to the CAN tab. If you have a nice block of green like below that will at least confirm wiring/termination, bit rate and CAN ID are correct.

Hi thanks i have done the above and all is good just no stream

To confirm there is active comms, If you disconnect one of the CAN wires, do you then get red errors in the runtimes?

When i get home later i will check

No error if u disconnect

Am i missing some set up in the ecu or something ...

It sure seems that way. can you attach your map so I can take a look. Are you using the round 6pin CAN port or the CAN wires on the D connector?



was there a solution on this problem?

have the exakt same problem. ( link Thunder ecu, race grade tc-8 can egt)

wired to can 1 in D connector.

G'Day Hajen.

Can you post up your link config file and I'll have a look at your canbus configuration?

Things to check though:

CANH and CANL around the right way? Its frustratingly common to mix them up.

CAN1 mode to user defined, speed to 1Mb/s?

Channel 1 set to receive 'MoTeC E888', on ID 240 (decimal)?

I've attached a picture to show the correct settings, provided the wiring is correct, and the racegrade tc8 has all the default settings.

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every thing is green and ok on can status

Can 1 module


id is 240 .

but format have been on extended?

have trippel checked wires, but Will do that again.

ther is only one terminated resistor in the circuit (link ecu) 120 ohm.

"but format have been on extended?"

This may be your problem. The ID format should definitely only be set to "normal", this refers to an 11Bit ID. "Extended" is for 29Bit ID's which are less common in the motorsport world.

You also should have a terminating resistor at the far end of the CAN bus wires, but if that is the problem it will usually show up as errors in the CAN runtimes screen.

Ok thanks:)

i will test tonight


Changed to normal format= no difference

checked + and - to tc8=ok

checked can wiring tc8 to ecu=ok

checked can position in D connector=ok

changed can h can l= no difference and can status still green and ok

tried with and without ”extra” terminating resistor= no difference

Can tc cyl reads 0 on 1-8 but have only 1-6 connected.

Should read 1050-1250c when not connected.

Engine is not running, but it should read any way ?

I'm not sure how the TC8 will do it, but its common for a device to transmit a full range value when a sensor is disconnected.

Can you double check the power to your TC8? Its very odd that you swapped the CAN wiring around and had no errors appear, as if it was originally correct, the the TC8 was sending out data packets at all, swapping the CANH and CANL wires would have produced errors.

Have you had the TC8 working on any other setups?

Can you post up your PCLink config file? Okay if there is any sensitive data in there and you're not keen, it can just make things easier sometimes.

I have similar thoughts to Zac here, if you have reversed the CAN H/L and there are still no errors showing in the ECU runtimes then that suggests there is no data being broadcast from the TC8. Have you got an oscilloscope or CAN tool that could be useful to diagnose? (Motec UTC maybe?)


sorry to get back late

the problem was that format was on extended

And not normal.

but when i checked wires etc i manage to hurt the pin connector :( (hs pin):(

fixed that and now its working.

thanks for all help


Awesome, great to hear Kim. I've been in that situation before also (making another problem while trying to fix an existing one) and it can really leave you chasing your own tail!