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Hello all,

I had a EGT sensor left from a zeitronix logging kit that I once purchased... How do I go about fitting this to my standalone EMTRON AUSTRALIA ECU? I was told I need some sort of AMP can someone explain why as I thought the ecu should accept a egt sensor at least without further expense :(


Andre answers all of these questions in detail at the start of this webinar:


If you've any questions after then fire them up and we'll help you out

Thanks for that, can you recommend a good single amp I should use? This is my sensor: http://www.omega.com/temperature/z/pdf/z204-206.pdf

something like this:


I've never used it before but there's not much on the market for single channels

Thanks for your help, I will order a single amplifier similar to what you have advised.

Best regards,


The link you posted above the item:

Recommended Input Voltage +14.5V to 36V DC.

Will this be okay on my EVO 9 or not as it doesn't sustain that voltage all the time.

The reason for the recommended voltage range is to get the full temperature range from the thermocouple. Unless you need to record 1250 degC, it will work fine with ordinary 12V battery voltages. We use the Exhaust Gas Technologies amps any many cars including ones with total loss electrical systems that operate in the 11-12V range. If you have 13V+, you can get up to 1000degC

Good stuff well I'll get one ordered then :)

Motec make a thermocouple amplifier that I've used in the past with good success. It relies on a regulated 8v input and will give you a 0-1250 C range. Last time I bought one they were around the $200 USD mark from memory.

Thanks for that I did come across a pdf with regards to this and will contact my nearest Motec supplier who should stock this :-) Thanks again.

I've got one on the way to me so will be here before the weekend :)

What crimping tool do you guys recommend for these connectors and which awg wire to use? I take it there is a decent budget crimper that can be purchased for the likes of Deutsch connectors? Also what pins should I order specifically for these types of jobs using deutsch connectors?

Thanks for all your help thus far... my tuner left a Base map on my car and now has left me with it which unfortunately means I'll need to learn quicker than I initially expected. I will be signing up to more courses soon without a doubt! What a brilliant place HPA is

The connections that I've seen/use are plug/socket connectors that you tighten a clamp down in the plug/socket to hold the wires.

Are you talking about the K-Type thermocoulpe connector, or the DTM connector? you can get roll pins for the DTM connectors, that use the same crimp tool as the TYCO plastic connectors used on a large number of ECU's, or you can also get a budget crimper for the DTM solid pins.

That is the crimper for the solid pins, I prefer the solid pins as the crimp a lot neater than the roll pins. For the roll pins, you need a crimper like this one. http://www.motorsportelectrics.com.au/online-shop/product/open-terminal-crimper

Solid Pins http://www.motorsportelectrics.com.au/online-shop/product/dtm-pins-and-sockets-gold-100-pack

Roll Pins http://www.motorsportelectrics.com.au/online-shop/product/m800-26/34-way-kit2 Not as easy to see.

The solid pins fit all these connectors I take it? I do like the idea of them over the other roll pins and thanks for those links :-)

That is correct, the same pins are used in all of the DTM's, the DT and DTP's have different sized pins that need their own crimper (unless you buy the universal crimper) to be used.

Unfortunately I couldn't find these crimper's in the u.k :(, but have now ordered from Australia... so I will eagerly await there arrival :)

I need to wire in my added input sensors to my emtron ecu so will do that with all dtm connectors. Unfortunately a tuner has made a huge mess of all the wiring so I'm going to strip it all and re-do it. Any advice on wire spec and size for these sensors and also which wire strippers please! I will no doubt add another course in to help me through this... I've had to re-plumb the entire AEM 4ch UEGO system too, it was all installed incorrectly. Luckily the tuner didn't charge me for the job but it meant me not having the car for a year and getting it back in a state.

I'm actually petrified starting this but it's probably the push I needed to get this done to the standard I expect.

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A lot of the questions on wiring have been covered in here https://hpacademy.com/forum/efi-wiring-fundamentals/

Most (5V+) sensors can be wired using 22 gauge wire in either PVC or Tefzel, with Tefzel you can typically use a gauge smaller wire due to the higher current capacity of the Tefzel. DBW motors I recommend an 18 gauge wire, and other solenoids like BCV's can use a 20 gauge.

With the wire strippers, it depends on the gauge and insulation used, with some being more universal than others. Work out the sizing and insulation first and then go from there.

I was thinking Tefzel 20 for everything Inc bosch 044 as I measured voltage and it only gets 12v. I believe wiring is no good. So any recommendations on wire strippers.

With wiring, it isn't the voltage that is the primary concern, it is the current that is being drawn. I would not use 20g for powering a 044, if the pump is at the back of the car, and the battery is at the front, the minimum would be a 16g wire so that you pump is being delivered a consistent supply. The 044's that I have in my car draw around 15A each at full load.

Thanks again you've been a great help... I will sign up to a course 2moz:)

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