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Differential fuel pressure

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In a high boosted application, what is considered enough differential fuel pressure. I run a Bosch 2200cc injector with 50psi fuel pressure at zero vacuum. At 32 psi it obviously only leaves me with 18psi differential fuel pressure as my regulator IS NOT a 1:1 or 1.5:1 rising rate.


Hi Turnem,

Could you give us some more information on your setup?

Normally you'd run a referenced fuel pressure system on a 1:1 basis, 1:1.5-1.7 etc were designed for setups where you didn't have an ECU which could be calibrated.

This 1:1 fuel pressure allows the differential pressure to remain consistent, this means the calibration data will still be relevant.

From the sounds of your setup with it not being referenced you'll end up with poor atomization and poor fuel distribution in the chamber. To what extent you'd need to do some testing and injector characterization at the fuel pressure differential your talking about to find out which will allow you to calibrate the ECU properly.

I agree with your reply.

My set up is an RB30 turbo running wasted spark- batch fired injection ( 2 paired ) controlled by a Microtech ecu.

It's on e85 with an Aeromotive A1000 in tank fuel pump with Bosch 2200cc injectors.

I run 32psi boost and it makes 560 at the tyres through an auto and 9 inch Diff. Probably makes 715 at the engine.

the set up works well but it has just come to my concern as I always thought it was a 1:1 rising rate but it turns out it's not.

I have built 6 turbo combos with this same fuel pressure regulator and have never had an issue. Guess that's why I thought it wasn't detrimental. But I do agree that you would think it would result in poor atomisation and poor fuel distribution.

Thanks for the quick reply.

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