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Hi guys, can anyone help me out in my quest to download my factory-ecu base maps, either directly or indirectly??.

I was thinking maybe of using some kit-electronics (Arduino, Ada-fruit, Raspberry, etc... that kind of shit), and some open source software for data logging fuel and ignition timing in reference to crank angle, MAP, IAT, ECT, RPM and TPS values??

What ECU exactly and what car do you have? I might not be able to help you download your ROM file, but with all the necessary info, I'm positive I can get you the stock ROM file of that ECU.

Its a 2010 Corolla Auto ZRE152r.

ok, thanks and also I'd need info of what ECU exactly is installed in the car. A picture would be best, like this were the part numbers and software numbers can be seen:

Where in the car can i find the ECU??

Please make sure you keep us in the loop Marek. Toyota ECUs are not well supported in general with reflashing capability so I'll be interested to hear if you end up having some success.

Andre, im not trying to reflash the factory ECU... i just want to get the base fuel&ignition maps so i have a good starting point when i go aftermarket standalone.