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Drive By Wire VS Drive By Cable

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I have the option to run either or

I've ran tuned motors with cable but not wire, but have daily drivers with wire so use them both and think if the wire is done right it doesn't feel much different? I've also been told DBW makes high horse power motor more drivable at lower speeds. I wouldn't say I've had bad experiences with both but had their drawbacks present themselves.

Pros & cons with both please and why 1 over the other


Hi Martin,

I would always take DBW over Cable throttle control with the ECU's that i deal with. There are no downsides to DBW that I have found over cable throttles but lots of upsides, such as idle control integration, gear shifting and starting the engine.


as always I've been doing a lot of research on the DBW in the application I'm to run it in. Seems it is the way to go. Now, the throttle body isn't an issue but I have have an issue on the on the pedal side. I'm using a OBP pedal box but its for cable operation, adapting it shouldn't be much of an issue but I'm struggling to find a linier style potentiometer.

Do you need it to be linear - I would expect your software to just see potential values, and you can use them to map whatever reference points you want?

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