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Hey Andre, when are you gonna do a webinar (or maybe even a "mini-course"?) on dyno's?. Im sure many of the members want the low-down on dyno operation and how they actually work (in substantial detail). What say ye??.

Hey Marek, it's an idea that Ben and I have already been discussing. In reality we will most likely produce a 'Dyno Operation' course focussing on a few of the more popular brands of dyno. I can't promise when this will happen as we are incredibly busy right now.

I, for one, request that you put in on your top-priority list!. :)

Have you considered even possibly having a guest instructor from one of the manufacturers to give the tutorial?

What dynos are you interested in Marek?

Any kind of load-holding chassis dyno, would be the best. Mainline... DynoDynamics...

Well the good news is that we should have one of those dynos at our new facility so stay tuned :)

Hope its a Mainline, thats what im planning on getting!!

Mainline pro hub dyno`s are becoming popular now with High HP engines

You're right MikeT, the pro hub dynos are starting to become a popular choice for the high power crowd. Your options to date have been a little limited if you want to run a Pro Mod style car making 3000 + hp on a dyno. I feel like as these dynos start to become more common we will see some times in these classes drop considerably.