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Ecu master black no start

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Hi everyone. I am working on a b18. I made a crankshaft trigger setup using 60-2 tooth reluctor wheel and the cam sensor is a single tooth wheel. It is using the k series coils. My issue is that the car won't start. It tries to with a cough or two. The ecu says it's synced. I configured the ecu with primary trigger is 60 teeth with 2 missing. First trigger tooth set to 9 and trigger angle set to 60 degrees. What I did to get that was put the engine at tdc cylinder 1 compression and moved the trigger wheel past the sensor by 19 teeth. 9 for first trigger tooth and then 10 more for the 60 degrees trigger angle. I also checked with the timing light with timing locked at 0 degrees and the crank pulley mark is dead on with the mark on the timing cover. The engine has ID 1050 injectors so I had to scale down the cranking fuel so that it was not soaking the plugs any more. This is where I am at and I am confused as to why it won't start. I have tried changing offset with no luck. All the ignition and injectors are setup correctly as per firing order and ecumasters instructions.

Also fuel pressure is 43.5 psi. The only thing I notice is the fuel smells a bit old, not sure how long the fuel has been in the tank. I am going to get fresh fuel today to try. But I figured I would ask a question for anyone who is familiar with the ecumasters and if there is any special requirements for starting.

Thank you in advance

If spark is right, then try more fuel. Replace (or clean) plugs frequently if you are fouling them.

Hi David adding more fuel did the trick. I just never added more because the size of the injectors and the spark plugs were always being soaked. But your advice worked thank you.