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EJ257 Engine on Subaru STi Knock detection

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Where can I bolt up my two separate LINK Knockblock sensors on a EJ257 Subaru 2004 Engine STi engine?

The OEM knock sensor is already being used by the ECU. I simply need two separate sensitive/efficient areas on the shortblock of an EJ257 Subaru Engine where I can bolt up my two separate knock sensors made by LINK (KnockBlock G4+)

I would like to attach BOTH of these sensors to the main shortblock engine; I just need someone to point me in the right direction on the best place to attach these knock sensor and I'll do the rest! Thanks ^_^

I think using 2 knock sensor is probably overkill for these engines, it's a pretty small engine block, but there a spot under the intercooler that you can use, but you need to remove a bracket if I recall correctly. If you aren't running A/C there's a M10 hole that you can use there but you'll need a step stud as the hole of the knock sensor is M8. Lastly, you can probably stack one in top of the OEM Knock sensor.

Honestly I usually bolt one on the intake manifold, or in front of the the A/C - Alternator bracket and get good results. Not sure about the 2004 STi, but you can easily bolt knock sensors on both side of the 2008+ Intake manifold.

This is really helpful Frank!

Thank you so much for this!! ^_^

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