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EQ ratio Error/AEM Serial issues

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Okay guys, maybe y'all can help me out. Got a 2012 CTS-V, and I'm using HP Tuners to tune it. Recently got the AEM wideband 30-4110 and have hooked it up to my laptop via the serial output, with a USB to serial adapter with proper drivers. I can get an output in the scanner, but the EQ Err tables seem to be way off. If i copy the results in the table the car gets worse. I'm at a complete loss and can't find any help locally. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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The most likely scenario is that the lambda value in the scanner is different to what the wideband is actually reading. The point in the graph you've highlighted shows a commanded lambda of 1.00 and a measured of 1.26 which would almost certainly result in a lean misfire. My guess is that the transform function you're using to covert the raw data into lambda is incorrect.

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