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Fresh built LS1 with Haltech 950Elite issues..

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Have an freshly built LS1 wired with Haltech 950 elite ECU in Offroad Pro Buggy

Tuned fine on dyno and was running great until we got it on the track. It ran about 2kms then misfired a few times and has stopped. Have checked wiring, changed crank and cam sensors but now won't run. Also check timing and it is still correct. (thought the reluctor wheel might have moved)

It now as you crank it feels like the timing is out. Floods, backfires but doesn't even look like starting.

Is it possible the ECU could be faulty??

Anyone have any ideas??

you checked timing using a timing light on the marks on the balancer correct?

and checked its firing on all cylinders?

done all other basic diag stuff such as fuel pressure and checking injector pulse?

done a comp test to ensure everything is good there too?

- Has fuel pressure, has spark at all cylinders, checked injection pulse, Just did compression test 3 cylinders are at 210psi the rest are at 180psi.

Also checked timing with timing light.

- When you crank it on the starter motor the ECU states trigger synchronisation as full.

how wet are the plugs when you check them?

do you have any logs from when it was on the track just before it stopped?

did the ecu give any errors?

When it first stopped plugs where fine.

‘Since then they are wet as it just floods when trying to start.

‘Unfortunately no logs from ecu and also no error codes..

Create a diagnostic page in the software. Datalog the cranking and see what's happening...