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Fuel System Design - Staged Injection

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Just after some views/insight and opinions please.

I've only ever ran a single pump, lines, rail and FPR, for this build I'm running double rails and dual pumps for staged injection, 1 rail feeding 550cc for curse and idle and 1300cc to be staged. Now, do I run the 2 pumps into 1 line then split them at the rails or drive 1 pump per rail?

This then leads me to the FPR and pressure sensors, logic would seem the sensor would be after the rail but before the FPR? Do I run a single sensor for both rails or just run 1 for both?

Same question is then for the FPR do I collect the 2 rails into a single FPR or do I run 1 for each rail?

guessing to save money it would make sense the return to tank via a singe line?

As always any input is greatly appreciated.

I've run staged injection with just a single fuel feed / return, with only one regulator. Whether you need more than one pump depends on the fuel flow / pressure requirements. I would not complicate things with separate fuel pumps / regulators, unless there was a good reason (like different fuels).

Location of the fuel pressure sensor is often a matter of packaging, as I haven't observed a noticeable difference before or after the fuel rail.

I figured David, was just thinking the belts and braces approach, It's all on paper at the planning stage and don't wan to leave myself short. I'd rather have a well capable system over a system that only just cuts the mustard.

I'm going to plan the system @3bar with the option of upping it to 4bar should I ever need. The motor and transmission on paper is capable of well over 1000bhp but were not aiming for that. I'd jump at the chance to run ethanol but its not available here in the UK unless your buying it in barrels @£167 per 50L

As david said, it depends on your specific pump, line, witring, etc. setup. If your system has the capacity then running parallel is an added complication - as such, I would emphasis the need to use a wire gauge that maximises the voltage drop across the pump, as it doesn't take much to significantly reduce pump capacity. Oh, and make sure the regulator has the flow capacity to at least match the pumps as if you don't, you may be looking at idle and/or overrun spikes.

You mention you already have two pumps, is that correct? If so, I'd suggest going over the tank side, as if you're using a single pickup, with external pumps, it may be restrictive. If you're using a fuel cell, I'd suggest using a plate with two pick-ups, and two returns or use them as in-tank pumps.

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