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Fuel System for LS1

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Hey guys, doing a Ls1 conversion and just want to confirm I have my fuel system correct...

afaik LS1's use a returnless system so only one fitting on the fuel rails and they run the fuel pump at varying duty cycles to regulate the pressure?

Anyway I think a picture is easier to describe it.. but ive basically setup a traditional setup but the Fuel pressure regulator is just Tee'd into the main fuel line and relieves the pressure that way... This should work fine right?

what is the base fuel pressure in a commodore? 55psi?

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A returnless system actually incorporates the regulator in the tank at the pump. It's not uncommon to also incorporate speed control for the fuel pump but this is normally used to simply match the pump flow to the engine requirements rather than any real attempt to control pressure.

The system you've drawn will work fine and replicate the returnless design. The base fuel pressure for these engines is typically 58 psi/4 bar.

Cheers Andre, curious what is the regulator looking thing that is between the two fuel rails?

Fuel pulsation dampener maybe ?


This ?


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