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fuel tech 450 speed sensor configuration 2jz gte

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as the topic states, installed a 2jzgte in a nissan cefiro, using a fuel tech 450 ecu we tuned the car at 495 on pump gas however we need to configure the launch control using the speed sensor cut feature instead of a button. i used one of the white wire inputs for the sensor input to the ecu and i am getting some trouble configuring it because the speed sensor option isnt there for a 3wire type sensor which the stock r154 gearbox uses. i tried using a rear wheel sensor pickup type, using the gear teeth option of 32 because the speedo sensor uses 32 teeth but still no luck. the sensor works as i drove the car on a ramp and tested the A/C voltage from the sensor output terminal. can anyone assist in this as the manual for the fuel tech isnt guiding me on how to calibrate the sensor to work

At this point I haven't had the opportunity to configure or tune an FT ECU. I've had a quick look at their manual and you're right, it's not overly helpful. At a guess it looks like the ECU may only be compatible with VR speed sensors (which would be a little unusual). I can't really offer much more help sorry.

Yeh i sat for about an hour tryna configuee the speedo sensor. Worst case id have to install a vr speee sensor for it to work and use the 2step button to activate launch control for the while