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Gen 3 ls 2006 chevy silverado 2500 stage 2 summit cam

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Need some help here friend if mine did a cam swap it seems to run very well trouble is he does not want a lopey rough idle not sure on the cam specs but its a stage 2 summit cam it starts and runs fine just the idle is rough i cant get my lc2 wideband to work with hp tuners scanner i had it set up before but now it wont work but no matter what i do to it stft is around -10 -15 can anyone help with this.

raise the idle speed.

Ok i tried adjusting the idle air flow but its still rich at idle how much rpm shouldni give it i m9ved it from 550 to 650

Take a look at this webinar. It mentions that LS engines with large cams might need 800 - 850 RPM for idle....


If its the summit 8707 cam it's quite a bit more aggressive than stock. Try 800rpm idle, AFR around 13.5, and a bit more timing than stock.

Thanks guys for the help Ill try 800 was worried about being up aginst the torque converter if so i might have to have him out in a stall

Ok i just tried the 800rpm idle i did the histogram for idke air flow and i have 22 degrees of timing but its still having a -7 stft how do i change the target afr to 13.5 and im still having troubke getting my lc2 to log into the scanner