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Greddy profec with Link G4+

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Just a quick one.

Friend of mine has a jzx110 with a 1JZ.

Hes bought a G4+ however the guy tuning it has told him to get the likes of a greedy profec for the boost control instead of the link Controller.

To me this kind of seems like a red flag, or is it possible to wire these so the ecu can see what’s going on and adjust ?.

Whats everyone’s thoughts ?

My current setup is G4+ and HKS EVC V.

To be honest, I'll remove EVC and change back to aftermarket 3-port BCS next time so that I don't have to use so many interface to complete boost setting.

The advantage of those standalone boost controllers is easy and quick setup. But it cannot make more precision setting and is impossible to connect with ecu(at least I don't know how to do it).

You have a lot more options if you use the ECU to control boost. With ECU control you can control boost by speed, gear, wheel slip, dash knob, fuel composition or basically any other ecu measured parameter you can think of. Also safety stuff to consider such as trim boost if air or water temp gets too hot etc.

This is a personal preference thing really. I know plenty of tuners who like to add a standalone boost controller, however I prefer to do everything through the ECU and as Adam mentioned, you've got a lot more control this way. Being super fussy like I am though, I will say that there is still an issue around the Link closed loop boost control strategy and I get better results using open loop control with the G4+ (watch my webinar on boost control for a better understanding).