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So Im looking for a hall effect sensor for a bike engine and called the company and they said I should use magnetic with a 36/1 trigger because hall effect weren't fast reacting enough. I've never heard this before and can't make sense of it?

The bike will see up to 11000 rpm (probably less). They were specifically talking about the Honeywell 1GT101DC / Honeywell GT101 Hall Effect Sensor.

Can someone confirm this?



Honeywell 1GT101DC is a hall effect magnetic sensor for use with a trigger wheel.

Maybe for high Rpm to 11K, you should better take a 36-2 trigger disc.

As the Rpm is going so fast, 36-1 disc is maybe not enough to let the ECU see the dropping of the missing tooth correctly.

36-1 trigger disc is a disc with 36 teeth and 1 tooth is removed, so the ecu can see the missing tooth while rotating

That makes total sense.

I contacted Haltech and they did recommend me using a VR sensor...does anyone know of a low profile / small VR sensor I can use?

Haltech said that a Hall effect sensor should be adequate up to 12 tooth at high rpm...after that it can't really differenciate the tooth...which is odd because I believe many BMWs run a 60-2 wheen with Hall sensor. They are large wheels thou...




Same size than the GT101 but much more versatile.

(doesn't need teeth / gap as big as the Honeywell, and much more tolerant at high RPM)

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