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Haltech ESP Wiring Colour codes

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Hey All

First time using Haltech ESP software. I'm using a base map for an SR20DET and it defaults all the colour codes in the wiring diagram to what I assume is the Haltech universal wiring harness colours.

Is there any way to edit the colours in the wiring/pin assignment? I'm using a (modified) OEM harness.

Can I change the pins that devices are connected to from the default pin assignment?

I can add new sensors etc and select their pins but having the wrong wiring colours for these and all the OEM wiring is annoying.

As far as I know it's not an option currently, and I don't think its planned to be supported to avoid confusion for support. The first thing I do with any ECU wire up (pre wire up actually, architect phase while deciding on the box I'm going to use) is create a living spreadsheet/document and transfer manufacturer info to it that then supersedes anything else. Lets me tailor things to my needs.