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When you load the base map for the Haltech R32/33 Pro ECU, the default VE table uses TP loading, and an automatic MAP correction.

However, the default lambda target table uses MAP for the load axis. I would think that you would want the lambda table to match the VE table in axis', and let the MAP correction fall where it will, but I'm sure Haltech has it better sorted than I do...

Confusing... Hoping someone can un-confuse me.

This is a requirement for the multi throttle turbo setup on the RB26 engine. With a multi throttle turbo engine, the MAP signal alone isn't a great indicator of engine load so we use TPS instead. However with a turbo engine we want to vary the lambda target in relation to boost pressure so the lambda target table is configured with MAP as the load axis.

If you want to learn more, we did a webinar tuning an R32 GTR that explains the technique. It's on the G4+ platform but the same principles remain -

Once again, excellent explanation. Thanks.